Company Overview

My Dog Is My Home is a national nonprofit dedicated to increasing access to shelter and housing for people experiencing homelessness with companion animals. By securing their ability to maintain their most important relationships and find adequate shelter, we ensure every family’s right to build a home. 


We assist service providers like homeless shelters in expanding their programming to allow humans and their companion animals to remain together. My Dog Is My Home’s programs currently fall into three categories:


1) Storytelling - Through events and media, the storytelling program allows people with lived experience of homelessness to share why co-sheltering people and animals together is a critical intervention to end homelessness.


2) Community Building - Our annual conference draws people from across disciplines to learn about co-sheltering practices, research, and policy. Our Co-Sheltering Collaborative sustains the conference’s community throughout the year in a peer-to-peer learning network that supports the progress of members’ work. 


3) Technical Assistance - We also provide training and consultation to homeless shelters that need co-sheltering assistance.  

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Christine Kim

Founder at My Dog Is My Home

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Carol Sainthilaire

Board Chair at My Dog Is My Home


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